New bill for US biofuel industry

US senators have introduced a new legislation in Washington DC, for renewable biomass.

Senators John Thune, Jon Tester, and Saxby Chambliss all agreed that a new bill, previously known under the RFS and the 2008 Farm Bill gives a clearer and better understanding of renewable biomass.

Prior to the 2008 Bill, The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 bill excluded all materials derived from national forest and private forestlands including cellulosic ethanol. This led to no purchase of biofuel, because of its lack of foodstock availability.

'This legislation will allow biomass from national forests, like South Dakota's Black Hills National Forest, to be used in a more sustainable manner that will help improve our economy, our environment, and meet our growing national energy needs. We have an opportunity to spur alternative fuel growth across our country with the development of cellulosic ethanol and I will continue to find workable solutions to make that happen,' states Thune.

This new bill also provides grants and loan for the crop assistance programme.

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