New Agri biodiesel plant opens in Liverpool

Renewable energy firm Agri cut the ribbon on its new biodiesel plant in Liverpool, UK on 9 May.

The plant was opened in Bootle by transport minister Norman Baker and is the culmination of a six-year project to develop a service which sees it turning used cooking oil from customers and turning it into fuel.

Agri is confident the plant will produce up to 16 million litres of EN14214 biodiesel a year and the feedstock for the plant will come from its customer base of over 50,000 food manufacturers, retailers and caterers.

The plant is also being called the largest one in the UK dedicated to the production of biodiesel made from used cooking oil.

‘Sustainable biofuels have an important role to play in our efforts to tackle climate change, particularly where there is no viable alternative fuel identified,’ says Baker.

‘Biodiesel produced from used cooking oil can be one of the most sustainable biofuels and I am also pleased to see, through administration of the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation, the progress that has been made by UK biofuel suppliers in the auditing of the sustainability of the biofuels they supply.’

Agri also claim the plant has been designed to maximise its carbon efficiency savings.

‘By using ISO 14064 methods we can measure the carbon footprint of our biodiesel to show at least 90% less greenhouse gas emissions when compared to regular mineral diesel,’ says plant manager Eddie O’Reilly.

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