Neste’s renewable solutions cut 11.1 million tons of emissions last year

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Neste enabled its customers to reduce their GHG emissions globally by 11.1 million tons last year.
This amount equals the annual carbon footprint of 1.8 million average EU citizens or the removal of four million passenger cars from the roads for a full year.
“We are on track towards reaching our commitment of helping our customers to reduce their GHG emissions by at least 20 million tons of CO2e annually by 2030. Our ongoing strategic projects will expand our renewables production capacity in the coming years, which supports our efforts to increase our carbon handprint,” said Matti Lehmus, president and CEO of Neste.
Neste’s current global production capacity of renewable products is 3.3 million tons annually.
Neste’s ongoing Singapore refinery expansion project and the joint operation with Marathon Petroleum in Martinez, California will increase the total production capacity of renewable products to 5.5 million tons by the end of 2023, and make Neste the only global provider of renewable fuels and renewable feedstock for polymers and chemicals with a production footprint on three continents.
When completed, the Rotterdam refinery expansion project will further increase the company’s total production capacity of renewable products to 6.8 million tons by the end of 2026.
Furthermore, Neste has started a study on transitioning its refinery in Porvoo, Finland into a globally leading renewable and circular solutions site.
“Neste calculates the carbon footprint of its products and solutions over their entire life cycle: from the production of the raw materials to the end use of the final product. Our renewable and circular solutions offer significant GHG emissions savings that help our customers reduce their carbon footprint or the carbon footprint of their products,” Lehmus continued.

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