Moto GP races towards fossil free fuels by 2027

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Moto GP has revealed that all its classes will run on 100% fossil free fuels by 2027.
The motorcycle racing sport will also shift to at least 40% fossil-free by 2024.
The fuels will either be laboratory-created, using components sourced from a carbon capture scheme, or derived from municipal waste or non-food biomass, thereby achieving significant savings in greenhouse gas.
The Moto2 and Moto3 classes will continue to be supplied by a single fuel provider and will also be introducing a part-sustainable fuel in 2024.
Both classes will change to 100% sustainable fuel in 2027, alongside the MotoGP class, which will remain an open fuel formula with manufacturers working with their preferred suppliers.
Jorge Viegas, FIM president, said: “I’m really proud of this announcement, after many months and even years of negotiations with petrol companies and manufacturers, we’ve reached an agreement. This will allow MotoGP to be the leader in this real revolution for sustainability.
“We want to really show the way to all the motorcycle manufacturers that it’s possible to have the fun we all like but with sustainable fuels. We hope by 2027 to have completely carbon-free fuels in our competitions, leading the way and showing that, even if the racing is a small part of emissions, we must be the leaders of this change; show the way. Thank you to all the stakeholders for the negotiations, finally now we can announce the good news.”