McDonald’s UAE marks 20 million kilometres fuelled by biodiesel

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McDonald's UAE has revealed its latest milestone in its biodiesel programme which gets used cooking oil (UCO) from their restaurants converted to 100% biodiesel to fuel their supply trucks.
To date, McDonald’s UAE’s supply trucks have travelled 20 million kilometers on pure biodiesel, saving 16,761,117 kg of carbon dioxide and related greenhouse gasses - equivalent to the weight of 33,522 camels.
McDonald's UAE reduces its CO2 emissions through the biodiesel programme with Neutral Fuels, compared to driving on regular petro-diesel.
The biodiesel program, launched in 2011, stems from a partnership between McDonald's UAE and Neutral Fuels aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of the brand's restaurants. It also enhances a sustainable circular economy for the restaurant chain.
More than 8,412,496 lites of UCO have been converted into biodiesel, which has exponentially reduced McDonald's UAE carbon footprint.
Walid Fakih, general manager at McDonald's UAE, said: "Focusing on the environment is key for us at McDonald's UAE. We are glad to work on this program with Neutral Fuels which helped us reduce the amount of carbon emissions, and we will continue to promote sustainable and regenerative practices - for communities today and in the future."