Masdar signs agreement with Airbus to develop SAF

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Abu Dhabi-based clean energy company Masdar has signed an agreement with Airbus to support the development and growth of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).
Under the agreement, the two companies are to collaborate to develop SAF, as well as green hydrogen, direct air capture technologies, as well as supporting the development and implementation of ‘book and claim’ solutions, which allow aircraft operators to book sustainable fuel for aircraft at other locations rather than have it transported to sites.
Direct Air Capture technologies, which differ from the more widely known carbon capture as they involve removing CO2 from the atmosphere rather than capturing it before it is released, could, in combination with hydrogen be used to produce synthetic SAF, Masdar said.
The use of SAF based on green hydrogen and direct air capture is estimated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 95% when compared to conventional jet fuel.
SAF can be used as without modifying existing storage and refuelling infrastructure, aircraft, or engines, and is key to a net-zero future for the global aviation industry, a statement said.
Earlier this year, Masdar announced a green hydrogen initiative to produce SAF, and is working with licensors to produce it from methanol.

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