Maersk uses biofuel in offshore tug supply vessel

Maersk Supply Service said it slashed 38.95 million tonnes of CO2 emissions during a trial programme on board a 2009-built offshore tug supply vessel.
The trial, conducted in partnership with The Ocean Cleanup, saw blended biofuel used to reduce CO2 emissions during Maersk Tender’s recent charter in the Pacific.
“At The Ocean Cleanup, we aim to have carbon-neutral operations, but we realise there is still some work to do to get there,” said The Ocean Cleanup ocean director Henk van Dalen. “This is why we’re pleased to see and be a part of Maersk’s efforts to test and transition to alternative fuel options. Maersk has been vital in our work to clean the oceans, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration while having a more positive impact on the environment.”
Maersk Supply Service and The Ocean Cleanup partnered to purchase 90 million tonnes of hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) biofuel from Maersk Oil Trading.
During the trial, Maersk Tender was operated on a blend of 15% HVO and 85% low sulphur marine gasoil (MGO).
At this rate and with current fuel efficiency, the HVO was able to cover two separate six-week trips, with a total saving of 38.95M tonnes of CO2.
Maersk Supply Service managing director for Canada Chris Tibbo said:, “For now, it is very much a test, as biofuel is still an expensive alternative to standard marine gasoil. Still, it has given us valuable insight into how this can reduce our emissions further.”


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