Lufthansa’s sustainability platform offers carbon offsetting with sustainable aviation fuel

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German airline Lufthansa has unveiled its ‘Compensaid’ sustainability platform, which focus on carbon-neutral fuels and offers travellers the option to fly with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Launched by the airline’s Innovation Hub, the new platform will allow airline passengers to offset their individual carbon footprint by using SAF, reducing up to 80% of their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

"Flying benefits our world in many different ways – it connects people, helps bridge cultural divides, intensifies business relations, and enables interactions to take place across long distances,” explained Gleb Tritus, managing director of Lufthansa Innovation Hub. “But flying also has negative climate effects, which need to be counteracted – not least from a digital perspective. Every individual traveller can take action: with Compensaid, we provide people with a tool that shows them the climate effects of their flights. This impact can be reduced significantly with the help of innovative technologies such as sustainable fuel.”

Compensaid combines a global airline flight tracking tool with a sustainability platform that makes it possible to directly offset individual CO2 emissions. Air passengers then receive a detailed evaluation of their entire travel history, which not only includes flight distance, time and destinations, but also shows the efficiency of each aircraft, individual fuel consumption and associated CO2 emissions.

The platform offers two options for carbon offsetting: the first is the option to replace fossil fuel with SAF, which is calculated through a market-based surcharge on flights; the alternative is to use Compensaid to support a reforestation project in Nicaragua, reducing CO2 emissions in the long-term.

Travellers willing to pay the SAF surcharge will use it to cover their individual kerosene consumption with the climate-neutral biofuel. Lufthansa will continue to pay the basic rate for kerosene, while the SAF purchased as part of the offsetting process will be used on Lufthansa flights within a period of six months.

Swiss climate protection foundation myclimate has already partnered with Compensaid, building on its long-term partnership with Lufthansa related to voluntary CO2 offsetting. The foundation will also work with Lufthansa’s corporate fuel management, where fuel experts purchase the certified alternative fuel and supply it to the airline’s flight operations.

"Sustainable Aviation Fuel is a ground-breaking way to produce sustainable kerosene,” added Thorsten Luft, head of fuel management at Lufthansa Group. “We are delighted to support Compensaid, an innovative platform that for the first time enables customers to invest in CO2 neutral fuel for their flights.”