LanzaTech and PNNL to partner for drop-in fuel

With its ability to be blended with conventional fossil fuels without the need for a new type of engine, drop-in fuel is a major part of the biofuels industry right now.

In a move that will see the production of drop-in jet fuel, New Zealand-based biofuel firm LanzaTech is to work with the US DoE.

Working with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) LanzaTech will produce drop-in jet fuel through the utilisation of its clean energy technology. The technology will produce 2,3-butanediol (2,3BD), an oxygenate which can be used to make hydrocarbon fuels and high value chemicals.

According to Jennifer Holmgren, the chief executive of LantaTech, ‘The biofuels that will succeed must be compatible with existing engines, pipelines and refineries. LanzaTech’s integration of the fuels and chemicals value chain enables economic viability, as well as being environmentally sound.’

The US DoE is said to have given its final approval of the cooperative research development agreement (CRADA) between LanzaTech and PNNL.

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