JSSI joins Avfuel’s carbon offset programme

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Jet Support Services (JSSI) has joined a carbon offset programme launched by Avfuel Corporation.

JSSI, an independent provider of maintenance support and financial services to the business aviation industry, will enable its clients to evaluate and reduce their net carbon emissions by providing an online CO2 calculator to estimate emissions, facilitating a simple option to purchase carbon credits to offset emissions, and boosting the adoption of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) through Avfuel.

Neil Book, chairman and CEO of JSSI, said the company is excited to partner with Avfuel to help its clients reduce carbon emissions.

“With approximately 10% of the world’s business aviation fleet enrolled on JSSI maintenance programmes, we aspire to have a meaningful impact on our industry objective of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050,” said Book.

“As research and technology continue to advance, we intend to explore many other innovative paths towards decarbonisation.”

JSSI will provide online resources within its customer portal to facilitate the purchase of SAF through Avfuel. Derived from biomatter, Avfuel’s supply of Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel ‘drastically’ reduces emissions across its lifecycle compared to petroleum-based jet fuel. In the future, SAF could deliver up to 80% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional jet fuel, if used in its neat form.

Additionally, when reporting flight activity each month, JSSI’s maintenance programme clients can now choose to offset the carbon emissions associated with their flight hours through Avfuel’s Carbon Offset Programme. Each carbon credit purchased will offset one tonne of CO2 emissions through direct investment in a selection of projects with a positive environmental impact.

“The Avfuel team admires JSSI’s dedication to helping clients cut carbon emissions,” said Craig Sincock, Avfuel’s president and CEO.

“We are proud to collaborate to provide efficient tools that make a proven difference in sustainability. We congratulate JSSI for being a true champion for carbon neutrality and are excited to support its admirable goals for a brighter, cleaner future.”

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