JM and bp chosen by EDL to support production of SAF in Germany

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Johnson Matthey has announced that EDL Anlagenbau Gesellschaft (EDL) has selected their Fischer Tropsch (FT) CANS™ technology for EDL’s HyKero plant located in Böhlen-Lippendorf in Germany.
The HyKero plant is planned to produce 50,000 metric tons (MT) of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) per year when fully operational, including eSAF from a power-to-liquids (PtL) route, and would be the first plant of its kind at commercial scale in Germany.
When fully operational, the HyKero plant is also planned to produce 14,000 MT of sustainable naphtha and approximately 1,000 MT of electrolytic (green) hydrogen per year.
Strategically located to serve Leipzig-Halle international airport, this first phase of the plant is planned to be online by 2027.
Alberto Giovanzana, Managing Director, CT Licensing at Johnson Matthey, said: “At JM we are committed to helping our customers decarbonise.
“We are, therefore, very excited that EDL has chosen our FT CANS technology, developed in collaboration with bp, to supply airlines with sustainable aviation fuel that can be used in their existing fleets. Projects like this are very important to increase the production of SAF as the industry works to achieve its net zero ambitions.”
Noemie Turner, VP technology development & commercialisation at bp, said: “We are delighted that EDL has joined a growing number of businesses choosing our innovative FT CANS technology, developed through world-class research and development in partnership with Johnson Matthey, to enable commercial scale production of sustainable aviation fuels at EDL’s HyKero plant.”
Dr Michael Haid, CEO at EDL and XFuels HyKero, said: “We are proud to use the FT CANS technology in our HyKero plant to produce eSAF, thus making an important contribution to the defossilisation of the aviation sector in Germany.
“The FT CANS technology enhances the value of our HyKero plant for converting sustainable carbon sources like bio-methane, together with renewable power and carbon dioxide into eSAF. We look forward to working with Johnson Matthey and bp as we build out the HyKero plant portfolio in Germany and abroad.”

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