Innovating to recycle the unrecyclable with Zero Waste Box

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Cytiva™ produces more than 25 million syringe filters each year and these are used in a variety of settings – from tracking air pollution levels to monitoring and optimising the conversion of glucose to ethanol in the production of bioethanol.
Each time a Whatman™ syringe filter is used during one of these processes, the remaining plastic waste is the size of a small coin.
Making products for use in the bioethanol industry, for example, generates unwanted waste. A total of about 88 tons of plastic material are used every year during the manufacture of its syringe filters. Additionally, industry wide, hundreds of millions of filters are disposed of every year and that equates to approximately the size of 25 full-size school buses.
Cytiva™ has since launched an initiative with TerraCycle® in the aim of developing sustainable recycling solutions.
The company is rightly concerned about the environmental impact plastic waste is having on the planet. Alongside Pall®, the company is collaborating with international recycling firm TerraCycle® to collect its plastic filters. TerraCycle® is an innovative waste management company that operates...

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