India-Iran proposals for joint research projects into biofuels, waste and agriculture

The governments are calling for cooperative research into subjects including cellulosic biofuel, management of waste resources, crop productivity and transgenetic crops.

According to the Iranian Ministry of Science Research and Technology, the goal of the programme is to strengthen ties between national scientific communities and to promote the findings of the research in both countries. The projects will last for two years.

The grant will not cover project costs, but help facilitate travel and other expenses.

Applications will be assessed according to the proposed project’s creativity and importance to the field, as well the competence of the parties and the ‘desirability’ of cooperation between them. The deadline for proposals is 15 February.

The call comes from the Indo-Iran Joint Committee Meeting on Science and Technology of Cooperation. The committee is formed of the Indian Ministry of Science & Technology’s Department of Science and Technology and Iran’s Centre for International Scientific Cooperation (CISC) under the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT).

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