Increased supply of sunflower seeds from US and Argentina

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The US and Argentina are expected to bring in a significantly larger sunflower seed harvest while poor growing conditions in the EU-27 limited yields there.
According to information published by the International Grains Council (IGC), around 52.1 million tonnes of sunflower seed will likely be produced globally in the 2022/23 crop year.
This would be 700,000 tonnes more than forecast in September, but it will be 7.9% short of the previous year's volume.
While Russia is seen to produce 6.5% more sunflower seed than 2021/22, Ukraine's supply will probably shrink by one third due to the continuing war and decline in sunflower area.
Just less than half the Ukrainian area was reportedly harvested by 14 October. However, rain has recently delayed harvest operations and exacerbated concerns about a considerable drop in quality.
Despite an expansion in area, EU production, at 9.5 million tonnes, is also expected to fall around 8.9 % short of the previous year's output as poor growing conditions over the summer months reduced the yield potential significantly.
By contrast, the IGC is optimistic about sunflower seed supply in North and South America. In view of an increased sunflower area, US production is seen to reach 1.3 million tonnes, which would be up 45% on the previous year's level.
The same applies to Argentina, with a likely rise of around 8.7% to a record amount of 4.4 million tonnes.

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