Growth Energy’s new campaign to promote biofuels

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Growth Energy is highlighted the benefits of biofuels with a new campaign.
The US organisation has unveiled a new consumer initiative to raise awareness of biofuels’ positive environmental benefits and encourage consumers to choose higher biofuel blends like E15 at the pump.
Through a series of targeted digital content, advertising, and digital media, the Get Biofuel campaign aligns biofuel benefits to an empowerment message titled “Fuel beyond”.
“Our industry’s passion for showcasing the benefits of biofuels is unparalleled, and I’m thrilled to unveil this new initiative that will help raise awareness with consumers – reminding them that by choosing a cleaner fuel, they are fuelling beyond their petrol tank and also becoming a part of the climate change solution. With biofuel, you fuel much more than just your car. You also fuel cleaner air and help the planet,” said Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor.
“The Get Biofuel initiative is an important element of our market development strategy to expand access to higher biofuel blends. With this undertaking, we have a full-throttle industry effort that includes pursuing pro-growth policy, leveraging commercial opportunities, and spurring consumer demand – the E15 trifecta.”
The pilot campaign was launched in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Salt Lake City, Utah,, and will expand nationally by the end of the year.