Greenbelt Resources, New Age Renewable Energy to produce bioethanol from dairy waste

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Waste to bioproducts producer Greenbelt Resources has teamed up with New Age Renewable Energy to offer a sustainable solution for processing dairy industry wastes into bioproducts.

The recently signed technology collaboration agreement will see NARE’s fermentation formulation combined with Greenbelt’s ECOsystem model, which converts food, beverage and agricultural industry wastes into bioproducts, to convert dairy processing waste into bioproducts.

New York-based NARE developed a formulation to enable producers of waste, including acid whey, whey permeate and other milk derivatives, to convert the waste product into bioethanol and a protein concentrate.

Through collaboration with Greenbelt, NARE has been able to upscale the technology; Greenbelt’s modular design allows for a distributed network of scalable system deployments, while automated intelligent process controls enable lost cost operations, according to the company.

“Not only do we reduce wastes from entering the waste stream or the environment,” explained Darren Eng, CEO of Greenbelt, “but the waste is converted into commodities that replace commodities with fossil fuel derived carbon footprints.”

According to calculations made by NARE, converting the cumulative total of just acid whey waste, one of several types of waste generated by the dairy industry, would result in the production of almost 33 million gallons of ethanol and 10 million kilograms of yeast feed annually.

Each ECOsystem solution would have an estimated capacity of between 400,000-1,000,000 gallons of ethanol production per year.

“Already, interest has been brewing with multiple RFPs [request for proposals] submitted, now under consideration,” added Eduard Zaydman, president of NARA. “The goal of our collaboration with Greenbelt is to establish a much needed industry standard waste solution for the dairy processing industry.”