German trade in biodiesel rose to record levels

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Germany shipped around 2.3 million tonnes of biodiesel abroad last year - the largest quantity ever.
Imports also hit an all-time high of 1.4 million tonnes.
The Netherlands remained by far Germany's most important trading partner for taking 21% more biodiesel (1.16 million tonnes) than in 2021.
The previous record high reached in 2020 was exceeded by 124,000 tonnes.
With its Rotterdam facilities, the Netherlands is the most important European hub for world trade in biodiesel. Trade to Belgium and Poland also increased.
Belgium, ranking second most important recipient country, purchased around 635,900 tonnes of biodiesel from Germany last year. This translated to a 61% rise year-on-year.
At 287,200 tonnes, shipments to the US doubled compared to 2021.
Total German biodiesel exports reached a new record level at 2.34 million tonnes, with output amounting to approximately 3.2 million tonnes.
According to Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft biodiesel imports to Germany in the year 2022 had a volume of 1.36 million tonnes, which was up 31% on 2021.
The largest volumes came from the Netherlands, Belgium, Malaysia and Austria.
The increase in imports from Austria was particularly noticeable. At 82,000 tonnes, the volume shipped to the German market was one-and-a-half times higher on the previous year. Malaysia shipped around 84% more.

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