Full Velocys-ity

Velocys is delivering the next generation of sustainable fuels to decarbonise aviation.
Founded from spinouts of Oxford University in the UK and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in the US, its proprietary technology enables the production of sustainable transport fuels from a variety of waste materials, including household waste.
The company has developed an end-to-end technology solution to produce fuels that significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and exhaust pollutants for aviation – the hardest transport mode to decarbonise. Velocys is now developing two commercial projects, Altalto Immingham in the UK and Bayou Fuels in Mississippi in the US.
The technology has been demonstrated at scale and licensed to a range of clients across the world, from the US to Japan.
Sustainable aviation fuel
Of all modes of transport, aviation is the most challenging to decarbonise because the energy density and performance of batteries cannot come close to matching liquid hydrocarbon fuel, particularly over longer distances.
Flying is, therefore, likely to remain mainly liquid fuel-based for the foreseeable...

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