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Daiva Angeldorff, CEO of Nordic  Storage, outlines in a question and answer session with Biofuels International how it is aiming to become a more sustainable business with a growing focus on biofuels.
Can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a little bit more about Nordic Storage?
I grew up and studied in Lithuania, but later moved to Sweden to obtain a Masters in Finance. In 2005 I started working with Nordic Storage and have since held multiple roles within the company.
In January 2022, I was appointed as the new CEO of Nordic Storage and I am excited to face the upcoming challenges and opportunities, with an emphasis on sustainability and energy transition. Nordic Storage is a member of HG Storage International, which comprises eight terminal businesses across four continents with in excess of 3 million cbm storage capacity.
The company is one of the largest for bulk liquid storage in Scandinavia with over 1 million cbm of storage capacity. We specialise in providing safe, reliable, and responsible operations for our customers. The ambition of Nordic Storage is to be leading in both safety and environmental matters....

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