First delivery – AustroCel Hallein supplies OMV with advanced bioethanol

The first delivery of advanced bioethanol
The first delivery of advanced bioethanol
The first successful trial delivery of advanced bioethanol marks the start of a long-term partnership between OMV and AustroCel Hallein.
Die Hallein-based bioethanol plant has an annual capacity of up to 35 million litres.
In the first year, AustroCel Hallein will supply more than 1.5 million litres per month of second-generation bioethanol to OMV, the integrated, international oil, gas and petrochemicals company headquartered in Vienna.
“Austria’s first plant for the production of second-generation bioethanol is now up and running in Hallein and we have started our trailblazing cooperation with OMV. With our advanced biofuels, we are taking a responsible approach to resources and helping to reduce fossil fuel use. We will continue to pursue our long-term strategy of ‘Green AustroCel’, uniting sustainability and economic success,”said Jörg Harbring, CEO of AustroCel Hallein.
Bioethanol from Hallein will be produced exclusively from cellulose scrap, making it exceptionally environmentally friendly as no food or animal feed is used in the process. Thomas Gangl, OMV executive board member responsible for refining and petrochemical operations, added: “We are delighted to have found a reliable partner in AustroCel and are proud of the start of our cooperation that will allow us to secure the supply of biofuels in Austria for years to come. With the use of advanced, second-generation biofuels, OMV is making a valuable contribution to meeting international climate targets.”
The first delivery of advanced bioethanol