Feedstock filtration success

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To reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and work towards sustainability, the European Commission has introduced the Fit-for-55 package.
This is a set of European policies implemented to help the transition of Europe to climate neutrality by 2050. These policies aim to reduce Europe’s greenhouse emissions by at least 55%, as well as strengthen European partnership and unity on climate action with their enduring commitment to sustainability.
These policies look to increase the use of renewable fuel sources such as HVO, which is a second-generation biofuel derived from lipids and oils. The measures are intended to ensure that the energy future of Europe consists of renewable fuel sources instead of fossil oils and gases.
Feedstock for hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) production includes used cooking oil (UCO), animal fat, tallow, leftovers from food processing, vegetable oils and other similar substances.
Feedstock processing
Pre-processing consists in the pre-treatment and filtering of a feedstock in order for it to undergo further processing.
This pre-processing involves gathering the raw materials, heating, filtering...

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