FCL Petroleum brings biodiesel to the market

Automotive fuels supplier FCL Petroleum has signed an agreement with Petrochem Carless releasing FCL biodiesel to the UK market.

The advanced fuels will be pre-blended biodiesel made from fully sustainable sources.

Blending will take place at the Petrochem Carless refinery at Harwich where blends from B5 (5% sustainable fuel) to B50 (50% sustainable fuel) will be produced.

The announcement follows the establishment of a joint venture in 2007 between FCL and Portugal-based Martifer a producer of fully sustainable biofuels.

Martifer handles the complete process from feedstock growing (primarily rapeseed) and harvesting through to processing and refining at two facilities in Portugal and Romania which have a combined production capacity of 200,000 tonnes a year.

The PrioBio brand of advanced fuels is now well established within the Portuguese fuel retail market and FCL Petroleum is expecting similar success when these products appear on UK forecourts.

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