FatHopes Energy and Lootah Biofuels explore supplying cleaner jet fuel for Dubai’s aviation sector

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Malaysia-headquartered biofuel feedstock supplier FatHopes Energy has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Dubai-based Lootah Biofuels to supply sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to airlines flying out from the Dubai International Airport.
The MoU, signed during COP28 in Dubai, was witnessed by Malaysia’s Minister of Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change, Nik Nazmi Bin Nik Ahmad, and the United Arab Emirates’ Minister of Climate Change and Environment, Mariam Almheiri.
The collaboration aims to explore the potential development of a SAF refinery that can supply SAF to the aviation sector in Dubai or directly to the airport.
The location of the plant will be determined based on the most strategic factors, such as the proximity to the point of consumption in Dubai or the availability of the feedstock in Malaysia.
The agreement also includes plans for Lootah Biofuels to study, adapt, and implement FatHopes Energy’s used cooking oil (UCO) aggregation technology that has been developed for the past decade.
Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, the Minister of Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change of Malaysia, said: “This collaboration marks a significant stride towards a more sustainable future for the aviation industry.
“The commitment of FatHopes Energy and Lootah Biofuels to develop the most competitive and carbon-efficient solution from waste for this sector is truly laudable. This partnership not only strengthens the ties between our nations but also exemplifies our shared efforts in fostering environmental responsibility.”
Dubai International Airport, among the world's busiest, completed a pipeline project in 2015 connecting it to Horizon Terminals to secure its substantial annual jet fuel demand of 10 billion litres, reducing reliance on road tanker deliveries.
Vinesh Sinha, founder and chief executive officer of FatHopes Energy said: “Partnering with Lootah Biofuel provides us with the opportunity to explore the possibility of building a SAF Refinery that can supply green jet fuel to the aviation sector in Dubai and beyond.
“As a player in the waste and residue biofuel feedstock market, we have the resources and the network to source and deliver high-quality and low-carbon feedstocks for SAF production.”
Yousif Saeed Lootah, CEO of Lootah Biofuels, said: “This collaboration is more than a partnership; it reflects our values and our vision for a sustainable future.
“We are excited about the positive impact this initiative will have on the aviation industry and the broader global community. Lootah Biofuels LLC is at the forefront of environmental responsibility, and we are eager to contribute to positive change, setting new standards for sustainability and innovation within the aviation landscape.”

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