EWABA launches three-month pilot of the Union Database for Biofuels with Bioledger

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EWABA has announced the start of a three-month pilot of the Union Database for Biofuels (UDB) for its members under the guidance of UK-service provider Bioledger.
“The UDB is expected to bring a significant boost to traceability and transparency across the biofuels supply chain.
“We initiated this pilot to help our members become entirely familiarised with UDB requirements and identify any issues that we could address with the European Commission ahead of the deadline.
“We are thrilled to launch this collective pilot aiming to facilitate a prompt and efficient roll-out of the database,” EWABA Secretary General Angel Alvarez Alberdi said.
“The Commission database has been built over the last four years of stakeholder consultation and is ready for testing.
“This pilot will give EWABA members relatively unique insight and time to prepare their operations and supply chains for a digital reporting system that is more appropriate to the scale and risk of the modern sustainable biofuel supply chain,” added Patrick Lynch, CEO of Bioledger said.
EWABA represents over 50 stakeholders from the EU waste-based and advanced biodiesel supply chain.
Directive (EU) 2018/2001 - REDII (Art 28.2) introduced the concept of a Union Database (UDB), to enable the tracing of liquid and gaseous transport fuels that are eligible for being counted towards the RED targets.
Each Economic Operator (EO) along the entire supply chain will have to register all transactions of all relevant feedstocks, intermediate products and fuels, which can only occur between entities on the database.
Registration under the UDB should be compulsory for all EOs from 1 January 2024 according to the European Commission.

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