EWABA keen to keep EU proposals shipshape

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European shipowners and fuel suppliers have joined forces to propose amendments to the FuelEU Maritime.
EWABA has co-signed a joint statement advocating the best ways to improve the maritime proposal, currently being negotiated at the council of the EU and European Parliament.
The signatories, European Community Shipowners’ Association (ECSA), EWABA, eFuel Alliance, the Advanced Biofuels Coalition (LSB) and GoodFuels are calling on co-legislators to ensure all sustainable renewable fuels are supported in order to maximise a quick uptake and a sound development of decarbonisation solutions for the EU maritime sector.
For the regulation to achieve its objectives, the associations are calling for the introduction of robust requirements on Member States to ensure that fuel suppliers in European ports deliver compliant fuels to ships in sufficient quantities.
In light of the joint statement, EWABA’s Secretary General Angel Alvarez Alberdi said: “Waste-based and advanced biodiesel is already used in ships today in blends ranging from 15% to 100% without any engine or fuel infrastructure requirements.
“EWABA considers that technology neutrality and the all-inclusiveness nature of the FuelEU Maritime Regulation proposal is essential for the swift and efficient decarbonisation of the EU maritime sector.
“Given that shipping will be largely dependent on the use of liquid fuels in the future our industry aims to further strengthen our cooperation with the shipping industry to replace fossil fuels with renewable fuels as quickly, efficiently and economically as possible.”

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