EU seeks views on algae production

The European Commission has published an online consultation on its roadmap towards a strong and sustainable EU algae sector.
Algae is a resource of highly nutritious food and feed, but also serve as a feedstock for pharmaceuticals, bioplastics, fertilisers and biofuels – all at a low environmental and climate impact.
A commission spokesman said algae was a “perfect match” for the Commission’s long-term growth strategy - the European Green Deal.
There are 376 companies and around 4,000 people active in algae production across the continent, but the industry in Europe is still in its infancy.
The European Commission is determined to raise the profile of algae in Europe and would like to hear industry’s views on the algae sector.
The Commission will welcome opinions on its roadmap, which presents a number of possible policy options and lists the economic, social and environmental impact of more algae production in Europe.
The spokesman said: “Algae have been part of human lives throughout the world for centuries, if not longer. The more we learn about algae, the more opportunities we discover.”
The deadline for views is January 18. Visit ec.europa.eu for more information.

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