EU exempts Argentine biodiesel producers from export duties

According to the official journal, the EU has exempted eight Argentine biodiesel producers from paying duties, as long as they export to Europe at a minimum sell price, Reuters reports.

In January, Biofuels International reported that the EU had become prepared to accept a deal with the Argentine producers to settle trade disputes over exports into Europe. The deal was accepted from all parties soon after.

Aceitera General Deheza, Bunge Argentina, LDC Argentina, Molinos Agro, Oleaginosa Moreno Hermanos, Vicentin, Cargill and COFCO International Argentina are the producers who have agreed to the proposed deal.

The European Commission began investigating Argentine and Indonesian biodiesel imports after a query from EU producers who use fuels made from vegetables and recycled oils.

They argued that export duties for each countries’ primary raw material, soybeans for Argentina and palm oil for Indonesia, provide them with an alleged ‘unfair’ advantage, and allowing the producers to sell at unreasonably low prices.

The deal will take effect on 13 February.

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