Ethanol plant in Zimbabwe unable to sell 10 million litres of product

Green Fuel, who jointly own an ethanol plant in Chisumbanje, Zimbabwe may have to let go of over 4,500 employees as the plant was forced to cease operations due to it being unable to sell the 10 million litres of ethanol it produced. The plant was the result of a joint venture between Green Fuel, the Agricultural and Rural Development Authority, Rating Investments and Macdom Investments.

The plant was shut down on February 6, and all 700 workers were sent on forced leave. Green Fuel supplies ethanol to Oil Companies for blending, but due to the relatively small number of filling stations that are selling E10, they found it difficult to sell their product.

The company is reportedly lobbying Government to put a legislation in place which forces oil companies to blend their fuel with locally-produced ethanol.

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