Embraer aircraft successfully complete SAF testing

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Embraer’s Phenom 300E and Praetor 600 have recently complete 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) flight tests.
Completion of the tests is a significant step towards achieving the aviation industry’s goal of net-zero emissions by 2050 and Embraer’s target of net-zero by 2040.
The tests, with one engine running on 100% SAF, were performed at Embraer’s Melbourne facility and provided significant insight into systems’ performance when utilizing blends up to 100% SAF, which was provided by World Fuel.
The tests had collaboration of the engine and fuel system suppliers Honeywell Aerospace, Parker, Pratt & Whitney Canada and Safran.
The use of SAF is a critical part of Embraer's commitment to sustainability, and this milestone demonstrates the company's dedication to adapting our current products to be as sustainable as possible and promoting its adoption among customers and in the industry.
"We are proud to have successfully flown the Phenom 300E and Praetor 600 on 100% neat SAF, an important step as our operators are increasingly interested in and adopting this fuel," said Michael Amalfitano, Embraer executive jets president and CEO.
"This achievement is an important milestone in our journey towards net-zero emissions by 2050 and demonstrates our commitment to sustainability, our customers and our stakeholders."
Currently, all Embraer aircraft are approved to use a blend of up to 50% of SAF mixed with conventional jet fuel, based on ASTM International specifications. However, possible future specifications allowing for fuels containing up to 100% SAF can maximise the potential for reducing emissions by utilizing sustainable, non-fossil-based sources.
Embraer’s commitment to sustainability is a core part of its business strategy, and the company is continuously exploring new ways to reduce its environmental impact.

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