EBB calls for more sustainable biodiesel as demand soars

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A new European Biodiesel Board (EBB) paper has highlighted how Europe may fail to meet the transport industry’s rising demand for sustainable liquid fuels due to EU biofuel legislation.
The EBB said demand for green liquid fuels in Europe was set to double by 2030 as the EU goes on its decarbonising path in the maritime, aviation and heavy-duty road transport industries.
FuelEU Maritime and the ReFuelEU Aviation mandates will require around 42 million tonnes of oil equivalent to meet the targets set out in the revised renewable energy directive.
The expansion of the EU’s carbon market to private cars, as reported by Euractiv, is additionally expected to boost demand for low-carbon fuels ahead of the mass adoption of zero-emission vehicles across the bloc.
Biofuels remain the EU’s primary substitute for fossil fuels in much of the transport sector, representing around four-fifths of the renewable energy in transport in 2020.
However, the EBB highlighted that unless biofuel caps were lifted, Europe would not meet its green transport targets.
“The FF55 package is triggering more demand for renewable liquid fuels with lower feedstock availability, introducing diverging biofuel sustainability frameworks, and relying heavily on future technologies and fuels. All this to reduce the contribution sustainable biodiesel can make,”said EBB secretary general Xavier Noyon.
“The EBB welcomes the scale and ambition of the European Commission’s FF55 package. As European producers of sustainable biodiesel, we are convinced that biodiesel is key to effectively decarbonising all transport modes, especially in new sectors like the heavy-duty, maritime and aviation industries, and the Commission’s proposals reflect this,” added Kristell Guizouarn, EBB president.

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