DG Fuels signs SAF offtake agreement with Air France KLM

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Cellulosic drop-in sustainable aviation fuel producer DG Fuels has signed a multi-year sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) offtake agreement with Air France KLM.
This is for up to 60,408 metric tons (21 million gallons) per year from DGF’s initial plant to be located in Louisiana.
The minimum 10-year deal will reduce lifecycle emissions by up to 340,647 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year, beginning with the first expected SAF deliveries in 2026.
DGF’s fuel production system relies entirely on cellulosic waste products like timber trimmings from the logging industry and renewable energy such as wind and solar.
The DGF high carbon conversion efficiency fuel production strategy meets the highest RSB or ISSC standards of environmental fuel production. DGF’s cellulosic feedstock does not impair food supply and is essentially water neutral.
Water electrolysis for green hydrogen supply is sourced mostly from by-product water created by the rest of DGF’s fuel production process and powered by renewables.
“DG Fuels is committed to developing and supporting initiatives that provide practical and sustainable benefits to airlines around the world,” said Michael Darcy, CEO of DG Fuels.
“We are proud to take this next long-term step alongside Air France KLM in supporting the lasting sustainability of our planet by reducing the impact of airline travel on the environment.”
“We have worked diligently with Air France KLM in implementing this long-term partnership,” said Christopher J. Chaput, president and CFO of DG Fuels. “With this agreement Air France and KLM now join DGF’s three other disclosed and undisclosed launch customers under binding agreements totaling over 130 million gallons per year.”

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