DG Fuels selects Emerson to support sustainable biofuels production

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Emerson has been chosen by DG Fuels to provide comprehensive automation and project engineering to help transportation sector decarbonisation efforts through the production of advanced biofuels.
DG Fuels’ mission is to provide ‘drop-in’ cellulosic sustainable aviation fuels at scale, then expand into renewable or green diesel fuels.
Its advanced conversion process creates fuels that can be used in existing aviation and vehicle engines.
“Technology and innovation are the foundation of bringing our innovative fuels conversion process to scale,” said Michael Darcy, DG Fuels CEO.
“Partnering with Emerson for its project expertise and automation portfolio gives us confidence in achieving our bold vision of being a global leader in synthetic jet and diesel fuel production.”
Chosen for its deep automation project engineering and execution, backed by the industry’s most comprehensive automation portfolio, Emerson will provide DG Fuels with a suite of advanced sensing, control, systems, equipment monitoring and production optimisation technologies and software that enable safe, reliable and sustainable production.
“Sustainable aviation fuel is a critical step in the energy transition of the transportation sector,” said Mike Train, Emerson’s chief sustainability officer. “Meaningful progress will require innovative solutions across multiple sources of energy. We look forward to supporting DG Fuels’ mission of creating high-yield, high-quality biomass-derived fuels at scale.”
DG Fuels’ previously announced agreements with aviation leaders for sustainable aviation fuels development and supply include Air France KLM, Delta, Airbus and GE Aviation.

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