Cleaner alternatives to heavy fuel oil

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There is concern in the marine sector that future demand for biofuels will surpass supply availability, in part due to feedstock competition from the road and aviation sectors.
Quadrise’s Oil-in-Water (OIW) emulsion fuel technology provides an innovative solution to this problem, allowing ship owners to unlock cheaper, low-carbon biofuel streams that were previously inaccessible for energy sector use.
What are oil-in-water emulsion fuels?
As the name suggests, an OIW emulsion fuel combines two notoriously immiscible phases, oil and water, to create a stable fuel blend using small quantities of surfactants.
Quadrise’s proven bioMSAR™ emulsion fuel combines 50% of an oil component (heavy fuel oil, HFO, or heavy residue which can be high or low sulphur) with 40% waste glycerine and 10% water and surfactant mixture.
Glycerine is a non-toxic, low-carbon by-product from the manufacture of biodiesel that is traditionally immiscible with current marine fuels.
With bioMSAR™ technology, glycerine blending is now a viable and immediate solution to decarbonise the marine sector.
The manufacture of OIW emulsion...

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