Circle K to reduce emissions by adopting HVO fuel

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A retail business director said the firm’s move towards the introduction of HVO will have a ‘significant impact’ on cutting harmful particulates.
Circle K in Ireland has just announced that its fleet of delivery vehicles will be fuelled exclusively by milesBIO HVO100 from early next year.
milesBIO HVO100 is a completely fossil-free biofuel made from waste, by-products and derived products not intended for human consumption from the food industry.
Circle K is the first fuel retailer in Ireland to use the hydrotreated vegetable oil renewable diesel in its fleet of delivery vehicles.
The fuel is already available at Circle K locations in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. HVO alternative diesel can have an up to 90% reduction in carbon emissions over regular diesel.
Commenting on the milestone, Jonathan Diver, Circle K Ireland fuels director, said: “The launch of milesBIO HVO100 across our fleet of delivery vehicles will have a significant impact in reducing emissions across our Irish operations and will equate to the emissions of over 2,000 cars being removed from the road. We are delighted to be introducing alternative fuels of this nature to Ireland and hope our lead will encourage others to do the same.”
milesBIO HVO100 will also be available to commercial customers at one of Circle K’s busiest service stations in Dublin Port.
It is expected that companies operating large fleet transport vehicles in sectors such as refuse, retail, and logistics amongst others will benefit greatly from this new product.
Circle K is already supporting the Irish commercial freight and haulage sectors, being the only forecourt to offer Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) refueling stations at several key locations.

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