Certa opens HVO fuel station for motorists in Ireland

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Fuel supplier Certa, which is part of DCC, has become the first Irish operator to open a hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) renewable diesel fuel station in the country.
This is part of its strategy to make the fossil-free biofuel more available to motorists.
The company, which is part of the DCC services group, said its new “forecourt of the future’ in Liffey Valley in Dublin cost over €1 million to build and is the first in Ireland to make HVO available at all pumps alongside diesel and unleaded petrol.
HVO is produced from waste plant matter and can be used as a direct replacement for diesel without any need for vehicle or engine modifications to help motorists lower their carbon emissions by up to 90%.
Certa said it has already started to upgrade its network of 41 unmanned forecourts to offer HVO at all fuel pumps alongside other fuels.

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