Carreras and Cepsa sign agreement to promote renewable biofuels

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Carreras and Cepsa have signed a collaboration agreement in Zaragoza to promote the use of 100% renewable diesel (HVO).
Carreras is already refuelling with 100% renewable diesel at one of the five Cepsa Service Stations where it is available, such as Mercazaragoza.
In addition, HVO can be refuelled in Cerro de la Cabaña, La Junquera, La Cañada and Araia.
This biofuel is compatible with current diesel engines, so vehicles do not need any investment or adaptation to start using it.
100% renewable diesel is an immediate solution for the decarbonisation of land transport.
Its main advantages is that it is compatible with the current diesel mobile fleet (Euro 6 onwards) and with the current distribution infrastructure, from energy parks to service stations and end users, so there is no need to make investments or modifications to storage and distribution infrastructure.
The logistics operator uses biofuels for certain routes and some clients, a policy aligned with its sustainability plan.
For its part, Cepsa produces this second-generation biofuel in its La Rábida Energy Park (Huelva) from organic waste, such as used cooking oils or agricultural waste, thus promoting the circular economy.
Likewise, with the aim of guaranteeing supply to its land, sea and air transport customers, Cepsa will develop, together with Bio-Oils, the largest second-generation biofuels plant in southern Europe, which will be commissioned in 2026 in the province of Huelva and will have a flexible production capacity of 500,000 tons of 100% renewable diesel and SAF.

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