British Truck Racing Championships ready to use HVO

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Silvey Fleet and BWOC will be supply HVO for the British Truck Racing Championships (BTRC).
The BTRC is one of the biggest motorsport categories in the UK, with machines weighing in at more than five tonnes and producing in excess of 1000 bhp. Silvey Fleet and BWOC will be helping the BTRC significantly reduce carbon emissions over the course of the 2024 season through the use of renewable diesel (HVO).
Silvey Fleet, a leading fuel card and fleet management solutions provider, offers HVO on several of its fuel card networks, providing customers with easy access to this greener fuel alternative.
As one of the UK’s largest fuel suppliers, BWOC can provide nationwide bulk supply of HVO With access to multiple supply points nationwide, it offers security of supply with sustainability ensured through the ISCC-EU certification scheme.
“Partnering with the BTRC is an exciting opportunity for us, allowing us to demonstrate our commitment to offering customers sustainable solutions, and play our part in shaping the energy transition,” said Miriam James, managing director of Silvey Fleet.
“It is a prime example of how companies can collaborate and take action to decarbonise and contribute towards a more sustainable future.”
“We want to help customers decarbonise by offering innovative fuel solutions that can help reduce their CO2 emissions,” added Amy Jones, managing director of BWOC.
“Supplying HVO to the BTRC will help ensure the organisation meets its commitment to reducing carbon emissions and enhance the positive impact racing can have on the world.”

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