Brisk rapeseed imports into Germany

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Germany imported around 5.74 million tonnes of rapeseed In the crop year 2022/23.
This was 2% more than in the previous marketing season although the 2022 rapeseed harvest was more abundant than a year earlier.
Australia remained the number one supplier country, delivering 1.4 million tonnes. A year earlier, Germany had received around 12,000 tonnes more.
At 3.4 million tonnes, the majority of imports came from EU countries, according to investigations conducted by Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft.
France supplied around 1.1 million tonnes of rapeseed to Germany, which was up around 388,000 tonnes on the previous year.
Poland had a large rapeseed harvest in 2022 indeed, with the country's shipments to Germany rising by 230,000 tonnes to just less than 540,000 tonnes.

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