Bold biofuel ambitions

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This is an important year for India with the country holding the G20 presidency through to the end of November, giving the nation’s leaders several opportunities to help shape future policies and programmes across many sectors, including their already-declared strong focus on biofuels.
Adopting a presidency theme of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – One Earth One Family One Future, India has named the development of a Global Biofuel Alliance (GBA) as one of its priorities for its time as G20 leader, committing to work with the United States and Brazil to advance GBA along with ‘other interested countries’.
“The Alliance will be aimed at facilitating cooperation and intensifying the use of sustainable biofuels, including in the transportation sector,” declared India’s Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas (MoP&NG) in February this year.
“It will place emphasis on strengthening markets, facilitating global biofuels trade, the development of concrete policy lesson-sharing and the provision of technical support for national biofuels programmes worldwide. It will also emphasize already implemented best practices and success cases.”
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