Biorefining for a better future

Image courtesy of Novozymes
Image courtesy of Novozymes

Biorefineries are indispensable for hitting zero CO2 emissions, writes Novozymes’ Thomas Schrøder

This article originally appears in the November/December issue of Biofuels International. Sign-up for a free copy here.

The world has been discussing climate change for years. In the meantime, global temperatures have continued to rise at an alarming pace. Scientists now say[1] the world must hit zero CO2 emissions well before 2040 to prevent global warming from going above 1.5℃ by the end of the century.

To address this challenge before it is too late, policymakers, businesses, and investors must act – fast. The political discourse, however, is often stuck between two extremes: A belief in rather simple solutions to address climate change or indifference despite incontrovertible evidence of climate change. Both views tend to brush...

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Image courtesy of Novozymes