Bell completes first flight with SAF

Bell Textron revealed that its 525 Relentless completed its first flight using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).
Bell first incorporated SAF in its training and demonstration fleet in March.
“The Bell 525 continues to demonstrate unprecedented performance as it progresses through flight testing,” said Doug May, vice president of flight, Bell. “Showcasing the aircraft’s usage of SAF further reinforces its position as a true 21st century aircraft, capable of bringing more sustainable practices to the industry and future customers.”
Bell sourced this fuel from Avfuel Corp and is the fuel provider’s first rotorcraft customer to use and complete flights with SAF.
This brand of biofuel, Neste MY SAF, is made from renewable, sustainably sourced waste and residue materials.
Once blended, Avfuel anticipates a 22-metric ton reduction in lifecycle carbon emissions per truck load.
“At Bell, our goal is to set the standard for clean aviation and pave the way for a greener future by minimising our operational impact," said Michael Thacker, executive vice president, innovation and commercial business, Bell.
"This is a major milestone in our sustainability journey, and we look forward to implementing more carbon emission reduction practices in the future."
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