Avfuel delivers SAF to ACI Jet in California, US

Avfuel Corporation delivered 7,300 gallons of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to ACI Jet in Santa Ana, California, US, on 11 August.

The fuel supplier also revealed plans to deliver a further 7,300 gallons of SAF to ACI Jet, splitting the load between the operation’s San Luis Obispo (KSPB) and Paso Robles (KPRB), California, locations in the coming weeks.

In total, ACI Jet will receive 14,600 gallons of the product for a four-tonne reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, supporting the FBO network’s sustainability goals – along with those of its customers. The fuel, to be replaced in ACI Jet’s general fuel storage tanks, will be uplifted into any aircraft requesting jet fuel following the deliveries.

Andrew Robillard, ACI Jet’s vice-president of FBOs and facilities, said: “ACI Jet has proven our commitment to remaining innovative in all of our business activities.

“In aviation specifically, sustainability is the new frontier for innovators, and we’re excited to work together with Avfuel in setting a new benchmark for others to follow.”

“The Avfuel team is proud to partner with such an upstanding, sustainably-focused operation like ACI Jet as we work together to make SAF available to the greater business aviation market,” said Mark Haynes, vice-president of sales for Avfuel.

“Despite the hardships aviation, and our world has endured these past many months, we continue to look ahead to a brighter, cleaner future with the use of sustainable products. These demonstration days are one more important step forward for our world’s wellness.”