An education in biodiesel during the global lockdown

Tens of millions of people across the world are now working from home as they desperately try to do their bit to halt the spread of Covid-19.
Like many others trying to “flatten the curve” during this global pandemic crisis, the National Biodiesel Board (NBB) staff are also staying at home and working remotely. Most NBB staff members have children and understand the challenges of learning at home.
Many families across the US are finding themselves living in this “new normal” as well. Parents have found themselves suddenly juggling work, managing the household, and home schooling children all at the same time.
To help, the NBB has put together some biodiesel educational resources and fun ideas for extending the learning experience beyond the classroom, or dining room table.
It has collected biodiesel educational resources and STEM activities to help children expand their understanding of energy, sustainability and renewable biodiesel.
These resources include energy curriculum for eight- to 2-year-olds and some simple experiments and worksheets.

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