Alaska Airlines signs agreement with Gevo for renewable ATJ

Alaska Airlines is to purchase renewable jet fuel from Gevo and fly the first-ever commercial alcohol-to-jet fuel (ATJ) flight, after the two companies signed a strategic alliance agreement.

The demonstration flight is expected to occur after Gevo receives ASTM International certification for its fuel, sometime in mid to late 2015. Gevo has been working through the rigorous ASTM process for six years, which includes extensive engine testing and data analysis by all of the major original equipment manufacturers to establish the specification for this drop in fuel. Once approved, this fuel can be seamlessly integrated into the existing distribution infrastructure and onto commercial aircraft.

'Developing a domestic, competitively priced, sustainable supply of biofuels is fundamental to the future of American aviation,' comments Joe Sprague, senior VP of external relations at Alaska Airlines. 'The cost of fossil-based jet fuel is one of the largest expenses for airlines. This investment in Gevo's ATJ will help reduce our exposure to high fuel prices, minimise our carbon footprint and demonstrate growing demand for fuel alternatives.'

'A sustainable biofuels industry would help insulate airlines from fuel price spikes, enabling them to offer economical air travel while remaining profitable, while helping meet their environmental goals, and spur economic growth within and outside of aviation,' adds Dr. Patrick Gruber, Gevo's CEO.

Gevo's patented ATJ is a clean burning, drop-in jet fuel, which has the potential to deliver aviation biofuels at scale and at competitive cost.