Airbus banking on new biojet fuel partnership

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus will work with China’s state-run oil and gas company Sinopec to develop a new type of biofuel.

The project is named “1# biojet fuel” and will be produced at a new Sinopec refinery based in Hangzhou, which has a capacity to produce aviation fuel from biomass on a large scale.

‘Biojet fuel is becoming increasingly important in aviation and the energy market. It will help aviation grow sustainably and demand for fuel increase. Sinopec has developed its own technology for producing aviation fuel from biomass and waste oil and has already produced aviation fuel meeting international standards,’ says Sinopec senior VP Dai Houliang.

‘Sinopec is assisting the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) in the airworthiness certification process and is proud to be collaborating in the push for alternative aviation fuels.’

Airbus will help chose the sustainable feedstocks to be used and push to get the new fuel certified across Europe and the US.

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