Air France-KLM Group used 80,000 tonnes of SAF last year

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The Air France-KLM Group’s airlines incorporated around 80,000 metric tonnes of SAF – nearly double the amount in 2022 – last year.
This has made the group the world’s largest SAF user for the second year in a row.
Throughout the year, the Group continued to secure future SAF supplies to meet its target of a minimum of 10% incorporation of SAF by 2030 by signing offtake agreements and MoUs with SAF producers around the world, and by investing directly in SAF production capabilities.
These long-term, strategic investments confirmed the group’s commitment to supporting the emergence of a scalable network of SAF production capabilities in Europe and worldwide.
Fully committed to the reduction of its environmental impact, Air France-KLM aims to lead the way in the incorporation of SAF and to support the development of SAF production capabilities around the world.
The group has set itself ambitious targets that exceed regulatory requirements, namely a reduction of CO2 emissions per passenger/km by 30% by 2030 compared to 2019, and the incorporation of a minimum of 10% of SAF by the same date.
In 2022, Air France-KLM was the world’s largest SAF user, accounting for 17% of the world’s SAF production, while it consumed only 3% of global kerosene production. In October 2022, Air France-KLM announced having secured one third of its 2030 needs thanks to landmark offtake agreements with Neste and DG Fuels, covering a total of 1.6 million tons of SAF.

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