Abu Dhabi taking up biodiesel

Abu Dhabi could soon start to turn waste into biodiesel under a new recycling scheme, according to The National UAE.

The Centre of Waste Management in Abu Dhabi, Tadweer, will provide permits to companies allowing them to produce biodiesel for use in buses and lorries. Leftover cooking oil, fat and grease from kitchens in homes and restaurants across the emirate could be collected and recycled as part of the scheme.

A similar system is already in operation in Dubai, where waste management company Blue currently recycles 227,000 litres of waste oil a day, collected from 7,000 kitchens. As well as being used for biofuel production, this oil is also sold to companies in India and Pakistan to be used to create soap.

According to The National UAE, Blue is now waiting for the Centre of Waste Management to give it permission to start collecting oil from Ab Dhabi’s kitchens.

Although heavy fines are issued to companies caught disposing of leftover oil inappropriately, the UAE still has to spend millions each year clearing blocked drains and sewers. 

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