A timely evolution for the ethanol industry

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The middle of a pandemic would not be most people’s ideal time to join a new company, especially one working with ethanol producers in the middle of a fuel and climate crisis. Yet it is often in such challenging times that the most exciting and ingenious solutions are conceived.
My arrival at Whitefox as head of global sales in June 2021 was the latest step in a career evolution that had begun in the speciality chemicals business, then progressed to the capital equipment business for a fuel pump manufacturer, and finally a spell in the filtration industry.
In Whitefox I had found a company steeped in innovation and enjoying its own evolution, with a solution for separating mixtures in a way that reduced water and energy consumption, thus increasing profitability and minimising carbon emissions. It was a solution very much for these times, but with oil prices plummeting, nearly all new projects in the ethanol industry stopped.
In such circumstances a company, and more importantly its people, can either be constrained and go into their shell, or come out determined to demonstrate their adaptability and innovative flair. The Whitefox team, based in London,...

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