A proven biofuels asset

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CPM introduced Crown’s Global Innovation Centre in 2019 at their headquarters in Blaine, Minnesota, US, and more recently unveiled Crown’s Liquids Pilot Plant as part of a continuing commitment to innovation.
The Global Innovation Centre has been instrumental in both client and internal innovations for process and equipment designs.
The products and processes have varied considerably, from traditional oilseeds to new-to-the-world oilseed crops, but the biggest areas of interest have been in plant-based proteins and pretreatment of feedstocks for biofuels.
Pilot plant
The pilot plant is a small-scale continuous production facility, built to mimic full-size equipment and processes in nearly every detail.
It operates 24 hours per day and includes a control room and laboratory like one might find at a processing plant.
Oilseeds and other raw materials are processed into final products and any intermediates or co-products relevant to the project.
In 2022, Crown’s Liquids Pilot Plant was added to the Global Innovation Centre with capabilities to pretreat oils and fats to the specifications for RD and SAF...

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