10 billion miles: US drivers hit E15 fuel milestone

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US association Growth Energy has said that drivers across America have reached a new milestone, hitting 10 billion miles using E15 fuel.

The fuel, which is a blend of 15% renewable biofuel, was recently approved for year-round sales by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“American drivers have clearly embraced E15 and its many benefits – from its engine smart and earth kind attributes, to the savings it provides at the fuel pump,” said Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor. “As we celebrate 10 billion miles on E15, we’re ecstatic that drivers around the US will be able to rely on E15 fuelling their summer drives this year and each year ahead.” 

Growth Energy works with a number of retailers in the US to offer cleaner burning E15 fuel at over 1,800 stations across America, including Casey’s, Family Express, Murphy USA, Protec Fuel and Thorntons, to name a few.

“American drivers know a good value when they see it, which is why once they try E15, they come back again and again, so we know the next billion miles are just around the corner” added Skor.

Earlier this month, Casey’s General Stores announced that it would expand its E15 offering to more than 60 new stations this summer, following the EPA approval.

“The summertime E15 restrictions have been a major concern for us for a long time and would typically slow down our E15 expansion,” said Nathaniel Doddridge, director of fuels at Casey’s. “Now that we know we can provide our guests with a consistent experience at the fuel pump year-round, we are expanding E15 at a faster pace to stay ahead of our competition.”

According to Growth Energy, E15, which is known to consumers at Unleaded 88, is sold at 1,807 stations in 31 US states.